Trail Day

Waiparous Overnight Camp Trip and Lost Knife Trail Day

 Event Information

Date:  Saturday - July 20th to Sunday July 21st, 2024

Start Time: 1:00pm MT July 20th 2024

Meeting Location: Four Wheel Freedom 

End Time:  4:00pm MT *estimated July 21st 2024
There is never a “set time” for the Trail Day to finish so please be sure to clear your schedule for the entire day or evening - sometimes these events can lead into the night. 

 Event Location

Trail Location: Ghost PLUZ - entry level trail
NOTE: View more information for maps, activities and regulations for Ghost PLUZ on the Alberta Public Land Use Zones website.

 Trail Day Details

  • The Four Wheel Freedom team will be hosting a public camp and trail event July 20th at 1:00pm.
  • We will rally at Four Wheel Freedom at 1:00pm. 
  • We will depart Four Wheel Freedom at 1:15pm Sharp and head towards Ghost PLUZ, where we will off road to our campsite (to be determined) where we will spend the night.
  • Stock to modified rigs of all types are welcome however we recommend vehicles with low range transfer cases.
  • We will all convoy to the designated trail where the “Trail Lead” will ensure all drivers can identify and understand how to stay connected with respect to radio communications and are briefed on current trail conditions.
  • Sunday we will finish by running Lost Knife trail to finish the weekend. 
  • Please bring your own camp gear and food, and make sure you are prepared to pack out what you pack in! 

IMPORTANT:  Most areas will be out of cellular service.  Check the forecast and be prepared for weather conditions. Please dress accordingly as the weather can change hourly in the Rocky Mountains.

 Join Us

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