Trail Day

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    FAQ section

    When our own backyard looks like this, who else can't wait to discover the unique backcountry trails that await?

    Who is Trail Day designed for?

    Trail Days are designed for any off road platforms to bring the community together who all share one passion... the great outdoors.

    Off-highway vehicles (OHV), highway licensed vehicles and snowmobiles are permitted only on trails explicitly designated for specific vehicle types and sizes.

    Some seasonal closures apply.

    For more information, see:

    What happens at a Trail Day?

    The events begins with all participants meeting onsite at Four Wheel Freedom at a designated time. With private access to the store, you can pick up any gear you might be missing or want to purchase for the ride. 

    We all convoy to the designated trail where the “Trail Lead” will ensure all drivers can identify and understand how to stay connected with respect to radio communications and are briefed on current trail conditions. 

    Approximately mid point, we will break for a BBQ lunch before continuing on the trail and your unique Four Wheel Freedom adventure. 

    There is never a hard set time for the Trail Day to finish so please be sure to clear your schedule for the entire day or evening - sometimes these events can lead into the night.

    Where are trail locations?

    We attempt to find new and exciting Trail Day locations all over Alberta, British Columbia, and the United States so we can offer a variety of experiences for our Four Wheel Freedom community. Our Trail Day events can be one day or multiple day expeditions.

    Is my vehicle trail ready?

    We attempt to cater to all vehicle makes and models and will post on a case by case scenario what we believe may be needed for an upcoming Trail Day event.

    What gear should I bring?

    The Four Wheel Freedom Trail Leads will always have necessary recovery equipment, but we always suggest you carry your own recovery equipment and or any spare parts you may need to fix your vehicle on the trail if needed. 

    We also recommend you bring a supply of food, water, extra clothing, medical or other personal supplies incase of inclement weather or unforeseen circumstances.

    Can I bring my children?

    Absolutely we encourage the whole family to experience our great outdoors!

    What about fur children?

    We have no issues with fur children as long as they remain on leash, are great with kids and socialized with other dogs.

    Trails are home to wildlife including grizzly bears, black bears, cougars, coyotes and wolves. Unleashed dogs may try to play with wildlife and provoke an unwanted encounter.